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Meet Lisa Bonner

My goal in life is to help as many women as I can find their happy, their joy, their BLISSIPLINE!

I teach high-powered professionals who are tired of living their lives on the sidelines and stumbling through overwhelming panic attacks.

You are a high-powered woman in every sense of the word! In your business, your position, your skills, and your life.

On the outside, you are the perfect picture of success. You have it all.

Know what else is high-powered? Your anxiety.

Underneath that veneer of success is a woman who is tormented with feelings of:

  • Imposter Syndrome
  • a litany of what ifs
  • fearful someone will see beyond your mask of success
  • embarrassed by the possibility of someone finding out
  • worried people will think less of you
  • scared of falling down
  • terrified someone will see your panic attack(s)


Statistically, 1 in 5 people in your little corner of the world have generalized, social, and/or health anxiety. More than likely, you are surrounded by other women — just like you — feeling the same things.

BUT — you don’t have to. There is support for you.


Please, join me and other women just like you, to unmask and conquer your anxiety – for good.

Sending Love and Blissipline Your Way,

Lisa Bonner,
THE #1 Anxiety Specialist

The Process...

Inner Critic Internal Battles
Your Inner Voice/Critic

How you talk to yourself today gives so much insight as to why you react the way you do in negative ways. Discovering your dominate inner critic allows you to begin changing the conversation with yourself.

Enneagram - Personality Types Diagram. 9 types of individualities.
Your Enneagram Type

The Enneagram can show you more about your traumas, coping mechanisms, and unconscious fears and desires. Understanding your type (and the types of your loved ones) can help you to grasp the underlying reasons why you’ve made very crucial decisions in life.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator
Your MBTI Today

Your Myers-Briggs® type essentially tells you how you perceive information (through Intuition or Sensation) and the criteria you prioritize when you make decisions: Thinking (logic, pros and cons) or Feeling (ethics and values) which helps to understand your anxieties.

Dark chalkboard with a Anxiety word illustration.
Understanding Your Anxieties

Let's put each of the tests together to determine the who, what, why, and how you process your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. Learn you aren't broken. Let's talk it out and acknowledge those things that are in your way.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Model
CBT Exercies

Now it's time to retrain your subconscious. Time to learn new ways of coping with both negative and positive aspects of your life. No one tool works for everyone. But don't worry - there are many and we'll use the ones that are best suited for your success.

Love Yourself

At the end of your program, you should have learned and put into everyday practice the new behaviors, thoughts, and emotions you've learned. Most clients see at a minimum, a 75% decrease in their anxieties.

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